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In 2007 West Coast Mountain Biking Club and Krebs Cycle Club were brought together to offer a broad suite of opportunities to its members both on and off the bike.  The merged club was renamed West Coast Racing to reflect the diverse history and interests of both original clubs.  West Coast Cycling is a registered not-for-profit society based In Vancouver, B.C., Canada, and is affiliated through Cycling BC.  We have members from all parts of the lower mainland. Our members have diverse interests and skill levels from intermediate xc riders to hardcore Northshore riders to accomplished racers.


Krebs Cycle Club - History

Krebs Cycle Club was formed in the mid 1990's by a group of cyclists looking to improve and train together. Peg Hill, along with other early members such as Paul Blanchette, Jay Peterson, Sue Paul, and Robert Major built up a club with the philosophy that all disciplines of riders would be welcome: mountain xc, downhill, road racing, track and triathlon. This built a unique group of riders who could each bring assets from their chosen disciplines. Under the tutelage of Peg, there seemed to be nothing this mix of riders could not achieve.  Peg has returned to the fold after a stint in the UK, and the club continues to grow building upon concepts she established. Peg's ideas & philosophy behind training still remain in our regimen.


West Coast Mountain Biking Club - History

The West Coast Mountain Bike Club (WCMBC) was formed by Joan Jones and a number of coaches and ride leaders who had worked with the West Coast School of Mountain Biking beginning in 1996. In 1998 the WCMBC was formed to provide cyclists with the opportunity to train and attend guided recreational rides. The WCMBC goal was to provide opportunities for fellow cyclists to develop skills, improve fitness, attend recreational rides and do so under the guidance of experienced ride leaders. The club held monthly rides as well as began Power Training to help members increase there fitness and get in shape for events like the BC Cup series as well as summer back country excursions. Power Training became the most recognized feature of the club as members returned each spring for fitness and skills instruction from club coaches. In 2007 the WCMBC joined with Krebs to offer club members more training and riding opportunities throughout the year.


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