Vanier CX - 2008

BC Cup

     Vanier Park Cyclocross Classic

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

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Race Report & Results

While the skies were dry, the rain soaked grass at the 2008 Vanier Park Cyclocross Classic in Vancouver, B.C. gave a clear advantage to the power brokers over the technicians.  In almost every category, race breaking moves were made in the energy sapping grass sections that rendered tactics largely useless, and allowed riders who could punch out superior wattage in key moments to simply ride away from their pursuers.

The new partnership of West Coast Racing and Trek Truck Racing co-promoting this mainstay of the BC Cup Cyclocross Series drew out over 150 racers to this annual event’s unique urban venue in the heart of downtown Vancouver.  While the course design of returning Race Director Sven Sturm presented its usual split-personality with half of it in a continuous ribbon of fast hardpack and gravel, and the other half on the grass, it was the latter’s expanse of soft green fields that quickly carved up the start packs into many smaller battles of attrition.  In the rare cases where fitness requirements failed to produce splits, the major technical area aptly billed as the “Slope of No Hope” put paid to several podium aspirations.

The tightly contested Men’s B category followed all these major plotlines to a “T” and yielded some of the most compelling racing of the day.  Behind winner Mike Sidic the action reached a feverish pitch in the closing stages.  “After some early troubles I reconnected late in the race to make it a group of four to decide the podium”, described Matt Drown (West Coast Racing).  “Our group had some trouble lapping traffic from another category out on the course at the same time, and that whittled it down further but I couldn’t fully capitalize on a 2-up sprint.” recounted Drown after being edged out by frequent rival Ryan Newsome (Local Ride).

Kelly Jones (Sugoi), who represented Canada at the 2007 cyclocross world championships, had no such difficulties in taking the Women’s A event.  “I learned a lot about suffering on the course last year”, recounted Jones, “and so I was confident that if could get through the opening sand pit cleanly in the lead I would have a good shot at it.  I didn’t get quite the start I wanted with Christy Love (West Coast Racing) taking the holeshot and then also Melanie Vaughan (Steed Cycles) slipping in front of me, but I decided to put in an early surge across a pretty unusual line to grab the lead into the sand, and after that I just needed to ride my own pace at the front and stay out of trouble.”

In stark contrast, the Men’s A produced several lead changes among the front running trio of Kevin Noiles (Trek Red Truck Racing), Drew Mackenzie (Island Racing Club), and Noiles’ team mate Tyler Trace.  “Kevin had good legs to start with,” admitted Trace, who entered the event as the BC Cup series leader, “and hit us with lots of attacks in the early going.”  It wasn’t to be Noiles’ day however.  “I knew Kevin would be strong after his top 5 finish at the national championships last weekend,” added Trace, “but I could tell I was moving through the grassy power sections a bit better than the other guys.  I gapped them but gave it all back later going down after tangling with some course tape!  Kevin’s energy went down a bit and then Drew and I just rode off the front together.  I put in one more big attack again on the grass field to get another gap, and then used all the areas where the course turned back on itself to keep checking that my lead was intact all the way into the line”.  Noiles eased home after Mackenzie’s 2nd place finish to give Trek Red Truck Racing another top 3 podium position to go along with Trace’s win.

As always, the Kids’ Cross sponsored by Bike Gallery was a hit, with cycling superstars of the future getting a glimpse of bike racing in several waves of pint-sized riders, some taking on a lap of the full BC Cup course, with others testing the waters on a special micro course.

Co-organizers West Coast Racing and Trek Red Truck Racing ( would like to thank our list of excellent sponsors and partners who supported the race plus provided a bevy of prizes for all categories;

Race Face (
PowerBar (
Bike Gallery (
Schwalbe Tires (
M&M Meats (
Active Life Physiotherapy (
Uprising Breads (
Atac Sportswear (
Running Room (
Vancouver Parks (
Vancouver Academy of Music (http://

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Women A
1. Kelly Jones 41:58
2. Melanie Vaughan 43:30
3. Joele Guynup 44:26
4. Christy Love 45:32
5. Courtney Albert 46:48
6. Celine Dennis 47:05
7. Karen Watson 48:03

Men A
1. Tyler Trace 55:23
2. Drew Mackenzie 55:30
3. Kevin Noiles 56:59
4. Nick Berry 57:44
5. Zack Garland 58:24
6. Sven Sturm 59:15
7. Carsten Ivany 59:22
8. Rob Gosselin 59:22
9. Pascal Wehr 1:00:17
10. Ian Young 1:01:17
11. Joe Wessel 1:01:31
12. Dwayne Kress 1:01:31
13. Basse Clement -1 lap
14. John Perkins -1 lap
DNF Chris Sayers DNF

Women B
1. Karen Todd 
2. Kelsey Miller 
3. Anne Marie Lefrancois 
4. Sarah McMillan 
5. Stania Juriga 
6. Lorraine Kennedy 

Men B
1. Mike Sidic 
2. Ryan Newsome 
3. Matt Drown 
4. Mike Berkanpas 
5. Gordon Ross
6. Bryce Fegley
7. Sherwood Plant
8. Andrew Lea
9. Mike Tunnah
10. Jeff Hanninen
11. Matt Law
12. Joshua Weiss
13. Paul Sales
14. Pascal Teste
15. Jak New
16. Ryan Rickerts
17. Craig Fabische
18. Andrew Kerr
19. Steven Herbert
20. Nicholas Cowan
DNF Colin McArthur
DNF Ben Jackson
DNF Ryan Cousineau
NP Urs Bleuler

Master Women
1. Heather King
2. Barb Zimich
3. Lesley Trivett
4. Kathleen Negraeff
5. Tanya Camposano

Master Men
1. Graeme Martindale
2. Sean Howie
3. Scott McGregor
4. Brad Collins
5. Brent Hambleton
6. Steve Murray
7. Colin Campbell
8. Patrick Beckstead
9. Graham Tutti
10. Jay Murray
11. Rick Rodland
12. Kim Steed
13. Patrick Love
14. Bob Chew
15. Simon Pulfrey
16. Roy McBeth
17. Rod Dagneau
18. Ray Lachance
19. Dave Cressman
20. Tyler Jordan
21. Iain Mant
22. Jay Loder
23. Robbie Bitz
24. Derek Thomas
25. John Irvine
26. James Thompson
27. Greg Devins
28. Jason Metcalfe
29. Bryon Enns
30. Anselmo Rossiello
31. Kenny James
32. Anthony King
33. Ian Parker
34. Patrick Cafferty
35. Kalle Karu
36. Mark Butschler
37. Doug Kranenburg
38. Brian Griffin
NP Trevor Salmon

Open Beginner (Mixed)
1. Morgan Taylor
2. Craig Fabische
3. Michael Dolling
4. Geoffrey Agnew
5. Todd Allison
6. Bill Riley
7. Kevin Macdonald
8. Steven Fedder
9. Dustin Brons
10. Alexis Doucet
11. Jeff Ker
12. Dan Spry
13. Scott Schroeder
14. Matthew Atkinstall
15. John Starcevic
16. <Race number "7">
17. Stephane Delisle
18. Matt Barber
19. Tom Wojcik
20. Andrew Houston
21. Scott Wotherspoon
22. Kevin Watt
23. Brian Wong
24. Vadim Mugerman
25. Guy McInnis
26. Mark Harrison
27. James Ballard
28. Geoff Wherrett
29. Karl Bridge
30. Michael Bobick
31. Mark Huggan
32. Fraser Hanson
33. Jenn D'aoust
34. Sean Kato
35. Geoffrey Agnew
36. Nick Towill
37. Connie Abram
38. Dennis Hansen
39. Joanne Hughes
40. Matthew Smith
41. Jeff Van Mulligen
42. Nigel Turner
NP Steven Forster
NP Martin Richardson

Under 17 Male
1. Peter Whalen

Under 17 Female
1. Maggie Coles-Lyster

Kids' Cross 11-15 (non-competitive)
 Theresa Riley
 Zac Pollard
 Finn Shklanzu
 Daniel Kennedy
 Rowan Doherty

Kids' Cross 0-10 (non-competitive)
 Oliver Mendenham
 Nola Cressman
 Nicholas Long
 Mitchell Long
 Tilda Cressman
 Connor McBeth
 Axel Statton
 Timo Clement
 Jackson Goldstone



Event Schedule:

  • 9:00am – Registration opens (sign on ends 30 minutes prior to each start)
  • 9:30am – Free Bike Gallery Kids’ Cross, ages 11 to 15 (1 lap full course)
  • 10:00am – Open Beginner (30 minutes), 1 minute gap, Women B / Master Women (30 minutes each)
  • 10:30am – Free Bike Gallery Kids’ Cross, age 10 and under (mini-course, ~5minutes, parental assistance allowed)
  • 11:00am – Men B (40 minutes), 1 minute gap, Master Men (40 minutes)
  • 11:30am - BBQ lunch by M&M Meat Shops, Burgers/Hot Dogs+ Pop $2 through to 2:00pm
  • 12:00pm - Men A* (60 minutes), 1 minute gap, Women A* (40 minutes)
  • 1:15pm – Award / Podium presentations

* Mountain bikes allowed in all races except “A” races.  Only bikes in accordance with UCI regulations for cyclocross allowed for “A” races.

Special Kids' Cross offer ! Limited number of 20 free pass Kids' admissions available to the nearby H.R. Macmillan Space Centre, with purchase of an adult admission.

Open to any of the following:

  • Cycling BC or CCA licensed racers
  • U.S. Racers with UCI licenses
  • All kids age 15 and under (for free Kids' Cross)
  • Canadian Men and Women purchasing $10 one day Cycling BC license (or $30 for extra insurance coverage)

Entry fees and registration:

  • $25.00 CAD/USD per competitor
  • Kids’ Cross entries FREE!
  • Race Day registration closes 30 minutes prior to each start
  • Save time and effort on race day! Click here to print and fill out your registration form in advance (coming soon...)>

    Contact Information:

    Race Director: Sven Sturm
    Email: sturm.sven (at) yahoo (dot) (com)
    Phone: 604-984-6835

    Who is West Coast Racing?
    West Coast Racing is a community cycling club operating as a not-for-profit society run entirely by volunteers from within its membership. Various outdoor and indoor cycling programs are run by West Coast Racing year-round for mountain bikers, road riders, and cyclocrossers. West Coast Racing is also the organizer of the new Cardiac Classic BC Cup Cross Country event, which debuted to rave reviews this past July. The 2008 Vanier Park Cyclocross Classic is proudly presented by premier sponsors Trek Red Truck Racing and PowerBar.

    Other participating sponsors include Active Life Physio, Atac Sportswear, Bike Gallery (sponsor of neutral tech support zone and Kids' Cross events!), Deakin Outdoor, M&M Meat Shops, Race Face, Schwalbe Tires, and Uprising Breads.


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