Vanier Park Cyclocross 2012 - Report, results and photos
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Saturday, 06 October 2012 17:16

October 03, 2012, Vancouver, BC - The 2012 Vanier Park Cyclocross in Vancouver, BC, was a roaring success. Vanier Park racing is known to have the blessing from above but this year the weather was crazy sunny - unlike anything we have seen before. And so was the turnout: the event had at times the flavor of an open air concert with people sitting around on the grass eating and watching the race, kids laughing and riding around and lots of women and men with big sweaty smiles- on track to a great result.

The volunteer crew from WestCoast Racing and TREK RedTruck Racing created a course that revealed years of hands-on experience and made sure that legs and lungs would hurt. Less bumpy but with tricky loose ground sections, the course demanded full attention through the high speed turns and over the challenging man-made obstacles.

Racing started at 10:30 with the citizen categories setting the mark with a fast pace and a deep field, with many now unlicensed former fast men and women mixing it up with the beginners followed by juniors. Taking the win was Hugo Van Hoogstraten (who is clearly in the Dutch tradition of cross) and David Stringer in second, while the Citizen Women was won by Carol Prince.

In the second start we saw the Open Women and Master Women battle for victory, with Local Ride sweeping the podium with Sandra Walters taking the top honors, Jean Ann Berkenpas in 2nd and Steph Roorda in 3rd, while in the Master Women on the podium were holding their little ones (with US mom Emily Sportman on top, followed by Karen Todd and Corinne Issel). At the same time we had the Men 3/4 and Master Men 3/4 steamrolling across the course with a fierce battle for Alpha Male dominance. When the dust settled the winner emerged in form of Squamish allrounder Kelly Servinski, Nigel Kinney and Ted Martin for the Cat 3/4 Men. Vincent Marcotte made winning look easy by beating out Jussi Jrakkola and Aaron Weiss for the places.

The crowd was in a good mood after the Steed Cycles' free Kids race where around 70 (!) kids of all ages tried to copy their bike obsessed parents. They were totally excited and Distance Runningwear's Dave Cressman had his hands more than full (and was glad to retire onto the Single Speed bike right after). A nice little course that was busy long after the kids event was over saw many giggles and cheers but also true competition among the little ones.

While the Kids and parents were lining up for the BBQ it was getting quiet on the course, the calm before the storm. The last start of the day had three groups of men: the men without shifters (single speed), the men without age (master), and the men without limits (elite). Never before has Vancouver seen such a lineup of single-speed competition (watch out, Portland, here we come) with 9 committed no shift warriors on the start. Nick Berry would take the cake despite his efforts with the New Brighton race the day before, Nils Steiner in second and co-race director Paul McClosky (also tired from lap counting on Saturday) rounding out the top three.

The ageless Master Bobby Welbourn and eventual winner had his work cut out to keep runner-up Chris McNeil at bay with Martin Bojesen finishing in third. And then there were only the elites left on the course...

It was clear when 5-time winner Tyler Trace didn't show up that we see a different race in Vanier Park. And unlike last year when Tyler rode away to a convincing solo win over Pinfold this year team tactics played a big role. It was Team H&R Block (Andrew Pinner Pinfold and Aaron Schooler) against Team Kevin (Noiles and Calhoun) while in the background the battle for 5th was in full swing. The H&R guys put up a smart fight while Kevin Calhoun suffered a mechanical, making Kevin Noiles do the bulk of the work in the later part of the race. But the winner takes it all: Pinner made it clear that despite being a daddy he still can let his legs to the talking. Vanier Park race director Sven Sturm didn't find the shortcut he hoped for and got beaten on the line by a stronger riding Trevor Pearson. Matt Hornland was another race director (New Brighton as well) in the elites and narrowly avoided being lapped.

After the racing was over and the dust from competition had settled we showed our racers why we think Stans NoTubes is the best wheel system around. Ray Lachance led a demo showing how to successfully seat and seal up your Stans NoTubes tubeless wheel. After getting the tire on to the rim and inflating it, which we did successfully with a floor pump, Ray showed the audience how to use soapy water to identify any areas that may still be letting air escape from the tire. The suds bubble up where the air is escaping and we simply rotated the wheel to allow Stans latex sealant to flow to those spots and they sealed up instantly. Simple and successful, light and long-lasting puncture protection!

After the demo we gave out one ounce bottles of Stans latex sealant that they graciously donated to our event. We even had one of the top elite racers come up and ask for a bottle to use to repair his slow leak in a tubular he was running (don't mention that to his sponsors).

See below for some photos of the demo.

Thank you Stan for your support to the West Coast team and for creating such a great product which we could not ride without!

All together racers came out yet again in record number (we counted 194 licensed racers) to one of BC's top cyclocross events. While we will be talking about the never-ending summer of 2012 for a while the memory of the 2012 Vanier Park will be a fond one. And as usual, there would be no racing without our generous sponsors and supporters:

Patisserie Lebeau and Umbria Caffe, Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC), CLIF Bar, Giant Bicycles, Cycles Lambert, Steed Cycles, The Vancouver Bike Gallery, Musette Caffe, Race Face Components, Stan's NoTubes, Schwalbe Tires, Banditas Taqueria, Active Life Physio, Uprising Breads, Island Farms, Whole Foods, Ryder Eyewear and of course the City of Vancouver, BC, one of the best places to live in the world.

And who would be responsible for all that? It is WestCoastRacing and TREK RedTruck Racing, two of Vancouver's finest bike clubs and racing teams, and their dedicated volunteers.

Please contact WestCoastRacing if you would like to sponsor our event for 2013.


Race Results (click here for full results)
Citizen Men
  1. Hug Van Hoogstraten (Atomic Racing)
  2. David Stringer (Independent)
  3. Domitr Szopa (Independent)
Citizen Women
  1. Carol Prince (Independent)
  2. ??? (Independent)
  3. Bartel Donna (Independent)
Junior & U17 Men
  1. Carsten Lapointe (RTC Vancouver)
  2. Fergus Horrobin (Independent)
  3. Joshua Hardwick (Independent)
  4. Peter Whalen (Independent)
  5. Matt Hardwick (Independent)
Junior & U17 Women
  1. Maggie ColesLyster (Independent)
  2. Margaret Ovenell (Independent)
Master 3/4 Men
  1. Vincent Marcotte (Independent)
  2. Jussi Jrakkola (Independent)
  3. Aaron Weiss (Daryl-Evans Racing)
3/4 Men
  1. Kelly Servinski (SCOTT Bikes)
  2. Nigel Kinney (Independent)
  3. Ted Martin (Triple Crown Racing)
Open Women
  1. Sandra Walter (Independent)
  2. Jean Ann Berkenpas (Independent)
  3. Steph Roorda (Independent)
Master Women
  1. Emily Sportsman (Republic Bicycles)
  2. Karen Todd (Independent)
  3. Corinne Issel (Independent)
Master 1/2 Men
  1. Bob Welbourn (Sunday Best Racing)
  2. Chris McNeil (SOUL SPORTIF)
  3. Martin Bojesen (Independent)
  4. Kim Steed (Steed Cycles)
  5. Shawn Pettersen (Independent)
  1. Nick Berry (Mighty Riders)
  2. Niels Steiner (West Coast Racing)
  3. Paul McClosky (Mighty Riders)
Elite Men
  1. Andrew Pinfold (The Old Man and The Bike)
  2. Kevin Noiles (SBR)
  3. Aaron Schooler (Norco Bicycles - Sri Import)
  4. Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain)
  5. Trevor Pearson (Devo)



Click here for the full size awards photos.

Some great Vanier Cross 2012 photos by Alison Sydor can be found on Google+.

Here are some photos of the Stans Notubes demo led by Ray Lachance.


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